Process Control System & Industrial Communication Network

Precision Control offers total solutions for these two key areas in process plants of various industries. Our application team studies in detail to propose the right and safe solution that meet end user’s ROI (Return of Investment) as well as production expectation. We have been offering and commissioning a long list of process plants since our establishment in 1985. These plants including chemicals, cement, edible oils refinery, sugar refinery, F&B, industrial gases etc.

System Migration

Often, system migration is required when the older system consists of obsolete hardware and software components. The obsolete components pose risks in having downtime during critical production hours, hence incurring losses. The older systems may have been installed in the 70’s to 90’s and need to be migrated into an up-to-date system.

It is a great challenge when older systems become more and more difficult for new generation personnel to maintain whilst the original system suppliers have moved on with current technology.

Partial Migration

Complete Migration

• Replacement of HMI or SCADA
• Replacement of controllers
• Replacement of communication network
• Replacement of field devices

All the replacement need to comply to current specifications which is the final goal of a complete migration.

• New solution of overall system
• Improvise productivity and quality of process
• Expandable communication network and interfacing devices for higher
   level system like MES or SAP system.

Strategic planning is vital to completely migrate from old system into new system when downtime is critical.

Before Migration

After Migration

SCADA, Telemetry & RTU

To meet your needs with monitoring and control devices at some remote location that are to be manned from a central control station, we are capable of integrating SCADA & RTU systems via fiber optic networks, wireless or telco fixed-line service. Eg.:-

Substation Control & Monitoring
Gas Distribution Monitoring System
Remote Water Tank Level Control & Monitoring System

Telemetry System

Telemetry Solution

Control & MCC Panels


Motor Control Centre Form2B Type

Motor Control Centre Form3B Type

Motor Control Centre Form4B Type

Main Switch Board

Touch Screen Panel

Electrical & Instrumentation Installation

Electrical Services (H.T/L.V)
Supply, install & commission of electrical systems (H.T. & L.V) for factories, Chemical plants, Oil & Gas industries, Commercial & Residential buildings, Power Stations, Sub-station, Transmission & Distribution Lines.

Supply of Materials and Equipments
Electrical switching equipment & installation of control panel
Electrical power & instrumentation control panel
Cable accessories
Cable support system
Explosion proof fitting
General electrical & instrumentation materials

PC Installation & Contracting, an associate company of Precision Control, is a Class "A" Electrical Contractor with Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik and also a CIDB Registered Contractor.

Instrumentation and Electrical Installation
We provide:
Field Instrument and Electrical Equipment installation, wiring and cabling
Tubing installation work for air line and gas analyzing sampling line
Design, Fabricate, Install Instrument/Analyzer Panel

HT Electrical Installation


Instrument Installation

Instrumentation and Electrical Installation

Engineering Outsourcing

We are looking for customers who are keen to shift their focus to the management of their core competencies, while developing partnerships with key specialist service providers like us.

We have the resources, innovation and qualified staffs with over 25-years of experience to support and supply the following outsourcing services:

Process Plant Commissioning and Maintenance,
Process Control System and Instrumentation Integration,
Design and Commissioning of SCADA and Telemetry systems,
Process Instrumentation Calibration, Service and Repair,
Design, Fabrication and Installation of Control Panel and MCC Panel
Project Management and Contracting

Whether it is getting it right from the start, solving an urgent problem or meeting a looming deadline, by outsourcing your engineering needs you are able to:

REDUCE and CONTROL your operating cost,
FOCUS on core competencies,
ESTABLISH a close working relationship resulting in more efficient project delivery; and
ALIGN your interests with us by sharing in risks and rewards

We are committed to deliver peace of mind and confidence to our clients by outsourcing their engineering needs and making us an instrumental part of your engineering team. We are committed to embrace your projects with the same enthusiasm, commitment and care that you do.


Customized Maintenance Contract & Services (incl. 24/7 Hotline)

We can offer a team of personnel suitably qualified to manage, engineer and support the proposed system/project throughout its life-cycle. Support can be provided 24 hour, 365 days a year on a contractual basis. Although the prime function is to maintain and support the proposed control and safety systems, the scope of service can be extended to the analysis of operational data, incentives for improved safety and efficiency, design and technical consultancy as well as quality initiatives. We provide the following services;

General Support
Remote Diagnostics
Scheduled Maintenance
Emergency Call Out
Spare Part Service
Instrumentation, Gas Analytical & Valve Services

Process Optimization / Diagnostic

Metso ExperTune Plant Triage

Metso ExperTune Plant Triage is a completely scalable optimization solution for all process plant’s needs. Metso ExperTune Plant Triage software has been developed over 25 years as an expert system. Whether you have a small facility with only 100 control loops or a vast enterprise of many plants, you can choose the system that’s right for you. By using the Metso ExperTune Plant Triage software, you can use this embedded knowledge to identify underperforming control and the root cause of upsets and then automatically tune the control loops.

Manufacturing Execution System

Key to Operation and Performance Optimization

In compliant with a leaner and automated manufacturing operation processes, MES/MOM (Manufacturing Operation Management) has become a solution to fast forward improvement from plant floor up to management level. We build competency and grow around your specific corporate goals :

• Track and reduce Work In Progress inventory
• Improve Quality and Consistency
• Eliminate manual Paperwork and Data Entry
• Provide accurate detail about Production, Quality and Utilization
• Decrease Downtime and Setup
• Reduce Waste and Rework
• Assist Regulatory Compliance and data collection
• Provide on the spot Decision Making
Coordinate the plant information into the supply chain