- Neles

Neles control, on-off and ESD valves, accessories, intelligent devices and software products are engineered to improve your process performance and reliability. They provide innovative, fundamentally simple construction to optimize process performance at the lowest cost.

- Mapag

Engineered Valve Solution for high spectrum of application with wide temperature range, high pressure and extreme tightness in different materials.

Jamesbury Products - Automated on-off and tight shut-off rotary valves with network-ready capability. Jamesbury branded products are known for their long history of innovation and proven reliability. Industry breakthroughs include the flexible-lip, polymeric, and Xtreme© seating technologies which have dramatically extended the life cycle and the application range of our ball and butterfly valves.

Stafsjö’s knife gate valves are used within various process industries and there are several reasons to this. Low life cycle cost, proven reliability and excellent quality are some of the reasons. Our product range consists of 17 different models in sizes DN 50 up to DN 1600. All valves are modular designed making them easy to be customized with gate, seats and box packings according to media and requirements, as well as for actuators and accessories. The retainer ring concept makes maintenance smooth and simple.

High technology and innovation are KOREA MOTOYAMA's everlasting aim for the most excellent control elements. Our standardized models have been used in severe service conditions, cryogenic, super-heated steam, volatile and corrosive fluids, cavitation, flashing, vibration and high noise level for the various plants such as nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, oil refinery and iron industries.

Conflow is renowned the world over as the leading supplier for providing solutions, products and services to control steam and thermovector fluids used in industrial processes and thermal exchange since 1976.

Mack Valves manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of industrial valves for the control of pressure and flow of gases and fluids.

Mack Valves are manufactured to internationally recognized standards and provide safe and reliable handling of industrial gases and cryogenic liquids.

Over the last decades DREHMO have constantly fulfilled this expectation to "set and forget" with our wear-resistant and low-maintenance actuators in countless applications all over the world. Being active internationally in diverse branches of industry that requires adjustments to the regional claims and needs.

That is why we offer actuators in every technical style necessary. Whether there is a need for standard models with mechanical signalization or for non-intrusive high-tech actuators (or something in-between), DREHMO Actuators has the right product. What they all have in common is the sturdy industrial design, the ease of use and the universal usage.

Furthermore, our long-term product policies guarantees spare parts and service throughout the life cycle of your plant.