We Give The Best For Your Future

We are very alert to the market changes and technology advance to produce a better product so that we can continue to be trusted and chosen by the customer all over the world.

Instruments Service

We are a certified SIEMENS Process Instrument distributor offering individual, custom and periodic calibration instruments services, process control instruments repair, plant maintenance, shutdown calibration to assure the accuracy of industrial instrumentation and valves in relevant standards.

Analytical Service

We are an Authorized Service Lab for Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in South East Asia to provide sensors, gas and liquid analyzers. With our expertise, our customer is able to trace and analyze quality control to ensure reliable and accurate data performance in their plant. We provide a complete suite of analytical service for a wide range of industries.

Valve Service

We have been servicing for valves since 1985 as an Authorized Service Provider for Metso Valve in Malaysia. We provide a wide range of industrial valves in steam, gas, air and liquid of safety, pressure, flow, level, temperature and pneumatic valves at on-site and in-house servicing including reconditioning, replacements, testing and calibration. Find out more with us on how we can help you with valve service, repair and maintenance!

Engineering Service

As an experienced engineering service providerwe provide engineering services that serve the purpose from the concept of Process Control System, Instrumentation, Valve, and AnalyzersAlso, with the available resources, we are here to offer a full range of engineering service from Plan, Design and Build according to client requirements that meet our client’s requirements.

System Support

We are ISO 9001:2019 (2015) certified and specialized involved providing support for on-site and in-house Process Control Instrumentation and Valves servicing. Our scope of support can be extended from control & safety system towards analysis of operational data, design and technical consultancy as well as quality initiativesFind out more on what can we offer.

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation may be a buzzword to many, but it truly represents a way for companies to transition into the digital age in an effective and productive manner. Industry 4.0 is about far more than the impact of technology. It is a fusion of sorts between production and information and communication technology.