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Your Process Control Instruments

We are a certified SIEMENS Process Instrument distributor. We offered comprehensive care through the life cycle of our measurement process instruments. Our calibration, repair and troubleshooting service for process instruments, plant maintenance and shutdown calibration work are provided in Asian countries with efficiency and quality. Regular calibration of all measurement instruments is essential to ensure the best accuracy. We offer high quality of instruments service at the same time fulfil our customer’s original requirements and quality standards. We also make sure in our comprehensive calibration service that customers instruments meet the original specification.

At Precision Control, we always support our customers by providing process instrument service to resolve any problems that arise and to make sure our customer’s plant and the factory is up and running. We offer a wide range of support for specification, design, installation and maintenance for our partners and brands of leading global manufacturers.  Visit here to know more about the various Brand List.

What We Do:

  • Overhaul, servicing & testing of instruments and valves
  • Inspection, servicing, repair, overhaul and testing of pneumatic, hydraulic actuators, electro-pneumatic valve actuators
  • Design, engineering, fabrication, testing & integration of pneumatic and instrument control panels
  • Design, engineering, manufacture, assembly, inspection, testing & integration of chemical injection skid
  • Servicing, overhaul, calibration & testing of pneumatic, electronic gauges, switches, transmitters, recorders & controllers (pressure, flow, temperature & level)
  • Preventive & corrective maintenance of fire & gas detection system
  • Service, repair, calibration, testing & validation of portable or personal type gas detectors
  • Provide project site installation as per client’s request

Corrective maintenance service contracts are available as well as requiring specific response times of crucial processes. Also, as a part of providing our certified calibration, we supply our customers with complete documentation and reports for each instrument we serviced. The report includes details of test equipment used, the procedure followed our observation, variances and recommendations. We also provide contract services including 24×7 standby services.

A competitive quote provides for individual, custom and periodic calibration services on most types of process control equipment. The support to your instruments in the plant needs a simple phone call and email away. Do contact us today on how our instruments service can assist you further!