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2-Wire Transmitter UniSens Gas


A Simpler Approach to Toxic Gas Detection

ATI’s A12-2 Wire UniSens universal 2-wire toxic gas transmitter handles 28 different gases, providing the most economical and flexible gas measurement system available today. Combining universal electronics, bench calibration capability, automatic sensor verification, fault detection and alarming, and superior sensor technology, UniSens is your best transmitter choice.
UniSens is designed for ambient gas monitoring in all kinds of industrial environments: gas storage areas, gas compressor rooms, process piping galleries, rail car sidings, analyzer shacks, gas cabinets, chemical process areas, and more. In fact, the UniSens transmitter can be used most anywhere that hazardous gas conditions might develop either through leakage or through natural buildup.

Additional Info

UniSens Gas Transmitters are the ultimate in transmitter technology Transmitter electronics are universal, accepting up to 30 different gas sensors by simply plugging them in. And our exclusive Auto-Test sensor self-test feature reduces maintenance time to an absolute minimum.

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