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DB1000 Series Digital Controller

  • DB Series is a 96 x 96 mm digital indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the control cycle of approximately 0.1 seconds. 
  • Large easy-to-view 5-digit display 
  • Outstanding controllability, highly-functional operation screen and setting screen 

Additional Info

Input type  Thermocouple (B,R,S,K,E,J,T,N, others) 

Resistance thermometer (Pt100, Pt-Co, others) 

DC voltage (± 10mV, ± 20mV, ± 50mV, ± 100mV, ± 5V, ± 10V) 

Accuracy rating  ±0.1 % of measuring range ±1 digit 
Control System  PID system or Z control 
Output type  ON-OFF pulse, ON-OFF servo, Current output, SSR drive pulse, Voltage output 
Power Supply  100 to 240VAC or 24VAC/ 24VDC 
Communication interface  RS232C, RS422A, RS485 (option) 
Dimension  96 x 96 x 127 mm 

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