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Digital Gas Transmitter – F12


F12 Toxic Gas Detectors

ATI’s F12iS Toxic Gas Detector is designed to measure toxic gases and oxygen in hazardous locations requiring an Intrinsically Safe (IS) device. The F12/D, a non-IS version, is also available for non-hazardous locations.
For many toxic gases, it offers a unique sensor response testing system unmatched by any competitive gas transmitter. Even outdoors in high wind conditions, the Auto-Test system provides reliable response checks to ensure system integrity. Sensor response is verified with an actual gas sample that is generated on demand. Generators store run time information accessible to operators, and are automatically tested for compatibility with the installed electrochemical sensors.
F12 gas detectors provide useful features that simplify installation, operation, and maintenance. The 4-button keypad is used to configure the menu-driven setup pages. The display also provides alarm indication and complete menus for setting up operating parameters.

Additional Info

Model F12 is an intrinsically safe Gas Transmitter designed for the detection of a variety of toxic gases in hazardous locations or general-purpose applications. The F12 uses ATI’s smart sensors that contain all calibration constants in memory thus making calibrations possible in safe non-hazardous locations.

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