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Dissolved Sulfide Monitor

Model Q46S/81 Dissolved Sulfide Water Quality Monitor

It provides an improved method for measuring sulfides in solution. Sulfides can be found naturally in well water and can build up in wastewater collection systems due to anaerobic conditions frequently found there. In addition, sulfides are used in mercury removal processes and are frequently found in tanning wastes. In drinking water systems, sulfides cause taste and odor problems. In wastewater systems, sulfides cause damage to concrete structures in collection systems and contribute to odor problems in treatment facilities.

Measurement of dissolved sulfide concentrations has been done primarily by the use of analyzers employing ion selective electrodes (ISE) for sensing. While providing adequate sensitivity, ISE based systems require frequent zero and span adjustments to maintain measurement accuracy. Because of this, most ISE based monitoring systems are relatively expensive and require frequent service.

Additional Info

Model Q46S/81 Dissolved Sulfide Monitors continuously measure sulfides in water and wastewater streams. Sulfides in solution are stripped into a gas stream and measured using an H2S gas sensor, providing extremely high sensitivity. Applications include well water monitoring, wastewater influent measurements, and metal treatment systems hydrosulfide as a reactant.

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