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Infrared Gas Transmitter- LEL/CO2/N20


D12Ex-IR Infrared Gas Transmitter

Model D12Ex-IR is a versatile infrared system used primarily for the detection of combustible levels of methane or other hydrocarbons. It may also be used for monitoring CO2 levels, either in ppm or percent levels.

The D12Ex-IR employs a compact infrared sensor for monitoring without the poisoning problems found with catalytic bead sensors. While catalytic bead sensors offer reliable service, the presence of silicon vapors, hydrogen sulfide, and halogenated hydrocarbons can degrade sensor performance. Infrared sensing is not susceptible to these types of problems. This means longer and more stable sensor life.

“Smart” IR sensors are used in the D12. These sensors come factory calibrated for methane, propane, and butane. In addition, cross sensitivity factors for many different hydrocarbons are provided, allowing for maximum application flexibility. Sensors are also available for monitoring percent levels of hydrocarbons.

IR sensors are also available for CO2 monitoring. Two sensors are available, one for ranges of 0-1000 ppm up to 0-5% and another for ranges of 0-5% up to 0-50%.

Additional Info

Model D12IR provides gas measurement using infrared sensing technology. IR sensors are available for monitoring methane and other combustible gases, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide. Explosion-proof design allows use in virtually all environments with local indication and optional alarm relays. 

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