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Model 6650 OIW Analyzer


The Model 6650 is comprised of a versatile transmitter and probe for monitoring oil-in-water in various refineries, power plants and offshore platforms. The system incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and a fiber optic based in-situ probe that detects oil-in-water.

Detection of oil-in-water in process boilers, cooling towers, refineries and offshore platforms in an important measurement from an economic and environmental standpoint. This new technology makes this measurement simple and reduces the cost of ownership. The in-situ measurement capabilities also means that the analyzer offers real time analysis within a second.​

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Produced water, Cooling water, Steam condensate, Ship bilge, Plant Utilities, WWTP etc 

Range: from O to 500ppb up to 0-2,500ppm 

Operating Principle: UV Fluorescence 

Display: Digital Readout (ppm or ppb) 

User Interface: Touch-keypad with tactile response 

Output: 4-20mA output, 600-ohm max impedance 

Alarms: (2) Adjustable Form C Relay Contacts (Hi, Hi-Hi) 

Power: 100 to 220VAC, 50/60Hz (specify at time of order) 

Diagnostics: Self-Diagnostics — Visual LED’s 

Enclosure Dimensions: Configuration Dependent Operating Temperature: O to 50 Deg C 

Span Filter: Built-in, Push-button activated. 

Area Classification: Hazardous & Nonhazardous 

Sample System Requirements: Application Dependent 

Light Source: Xenon UV Flash Lamp (3-5 years life)  

Sample Interface: Front Surface UVF Probe with high2 temp & pressure rated sapphire window Probe length is 4 inches (std); longer lengths available on request. 

Fiber Optic Cable: Multi-fiber Cable with SMA Connections  

Wetted parts: SS316i MoneHastelloy C etc… 

Sensor pressure/ temperature : 5000psig / 31SdegC 

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