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Model 6700 TOC Analyzer


​The Series 6700 covers a complete range of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers capable of addressing a variety of industrial applications for process and environmental compliance purposes.

Selecting the appropriate TOC method for an application requires a cost / performance trade-off analysis. To perform correct TOCanalysiss, the operator must measure all constituents of organic carbon present in the sample: Non-Purgeable Organic Compound (NPOC) and Purgable Organic  Carbon (POC). It must also exclude the TIC interference.

Additional Info

TOC Methods 

  • UV / Heated Persulfate Method  
  • Ozone/Hydroxyl Radical Method  
  • Combustion Method Ultrapure Method 


  • Standard Method 5310 C/DBoiler feed water  
  • EPA 415.1Cooling water  
  • EPA 9060Wastewater  
  • ASTM D 4839-88River water  
  • ASTM D 4779-88Process control 

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