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pH / ORP Transmitter


Measurement and control of pH is important in a wide variety of industries. Water and wastewater, boiler feed water, food processing wash water, chemical plant make-up water and many other aqueous system require reliable pH monitoring.

The pH Transmitter provides the combination of durability, accuracy, and versatility required for virtually any pH monitoring application.

The ORP Transmitter provides the same reliable monitoring system for Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) applications.

Q45 pH and ORP Transmitters use “differential” type sensors designed for long life in the most demanding applications. Differential sensors are well suited for applications that quickly poison conventional pH or ORP sensors, and can be easily serviced by operators. A variety of sensor styles are available to meet almost any application.

Additional Info

Q-Series pH and ORP Transmitters provide process measurements in a rugged industrial package with both 2-wire and AC powered models available Differential type sensors manufactured from chemical resistant moulded PEEK outlast conventional sensors, providing the most economical monitoring system you can buy.

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