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C015 Series Non-contact Thermocouple


C015 Series Simple Compensation Type Surface Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple) This sensor is none-contact type thermocouple for surface temperature measurement, which has a built-in circuit for compensate difference between surrounding air temperature and actual temperature of an object automatically. It is capable of measuring surface temperature of rotating roller, moving conveyor belt, and plastic sheet etc.

  • Measures temperature range from standard ambient temperature to 250°C or 500°C by fixed measuring distance (1 to 2mm) without any contact.
  • For temperature changes of surface temperature to be measured and measuring surrounding, measurement is performed by compensating measuring temperature automatically.
  • Stable measurement is feasible by using stabilizing filter that provides resistance to disturbance.
  • Emissivity correction etc. according to temperature and condition of surface to be measured is unnecessary.
  • Detecting element is K thermocouple, so no need of changing receiving unit to specialized unit.

Additional Info

Element   K type thermocouple 
Measuring accuracy  Within ±5°C in 200°C span 
Measuring distance  1 to 2 mm (fixed) 
Output  E.M.F. of K type thermocouple 

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