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SITRANS FC330 Mass Flow Meters


The SITRANS FC330 digital Coriolis flow system enhances your productivity by increasing the efficiency of every liquid and gas process. The result is a cutting-edge flowmeter at the top of its class in accuracy and reliability – yet space-saving and easy to work with.


  • Direct integration – Into DCS automation systems via Profibus 4.0, Modbus, HART 7.2 or as a standalone solution
  • Space-saving – compact sensor design with a remote installation option provides the opportunity for optimal transmitter location
  • All information at hand – comprehensive removable memory functions (SensorFlash® microSD card)
    – Calibration certificates
    – Pressure and material test certificates (as ordered)
    – Non-volatile memory backup of operational data
    – Transfer of user configuration to other flowmeters
    – Data logging functionality
  • Hygiene approved – EHEDG-approved hygienic sensor for sizes DN 25-80; external cleanability, couplings
  • Global service network – for expert-level support whenever and wherever you need it

Additional Info

– Innovative and user-friendly transmitter, with audit trails, datalogger, trend curves, datalogger and advanced diagnostic functionalities
– Sizes from DN 15 to DN 150 with compact and remote mounted transmitter
– Transmitter with up to 4 I/O and communication. E.g. Profibus, Hart and sible Modbus RTU output
– Solid performance with mass flow accuracy 0.1% or 0.2% and density down to 2 kg/m³


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