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The SITRANS FUS380 is a battery or mains supply powered 2-path flowmeter designed for numerous standard applications. It can be used in all utility applications for water flow monitoring. The SITRANS FUS380 has a display that indicates various measurement values and diagnostics. In addition, the display is fitted with an IrDA optical interface for communication with SIMATIC PDM, which can be used for data transfer and programming. Optional add-on RS 232 and RS 485 modules include MODBUS RTU protocol.


  • High flexibility – Customizable ideal flowmeter solution
  • Accurate – Designed to provide high-resolution energy measurement
  • Uncompromised performance – For high volume, water-based applications, suitable for all water qualities

Additional Info


Measuring range
Qp 15 to 36000 m³/h (depends on size)
Nominal size
DN 50 to DN 1200 (2″ to 48″)
±0.5% of flow rate
Operational pressure
Pressure rate max. PN 40
 Operation temperature
0 … 60 °C (32 … 140 °F)
Medium temperature
2 … 200 °C (35.6 … 392 °F)
Bronze: Up to 150 °C (302 °F)
2-path sensor with flanges and integrated transducers
Carbon steel Bronze (only DN 50 to 80)

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