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Sitrans FX330 Vortex Flow Meters


Take your steam, gas and liquid measurements to a whole new level with the digitally based SITRANS FX330 vortex flowmeter. Designed primarily for applications in auxiliary, supply and energy systems, this device is also highly versatile for use in the process industry. With its new features like the integrated heat meter, status alarms in conformity with NAMUR NE107 and extensive Ex approvals, the SITRANS FX330 is ideal for a broad range of chemical, power, and oil and gas installations. The vortex flowmeter product program consists of two types of flowmeters: a flange and a sandwich version.


  • No wear – Stainless steel construction with high resistance to corrosion, pressure and temperature
  • Useable in hazardous areas – SIL2 certified according to IEC 61508 Edition 2
  • Space-saving installation – Integrated reduction of nominal diameter for economic installation
  • Redundant data management – Exchange of electronics without loss of calibration and configuration data
  • Advanced energy management – Gross and net heat calculation

Additional Info

– Integrated pressure and temperature compensation for lower installation costs and increased accuracy
– Integrated reduction of nominal diameter results in a large turndown ratio, reducing installation costs and potential for leakage
– Provides redundant storage of all calibration and configuration data within the display memory and the electronics module
– Designed from the ground up to be fully complaint with the IEC 61508 SIL 2 safety standard
– Cost-efficient energy calculation including net heat measurement

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