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The TS Insert is used as a spare part for the SITRANS TS500 or as a partial component to build up complete temperature assemblies. Deliverable in European design with a ceramic terminal block and flying leads or mounted transmitter; or in American design, meaning spring-loaded in the extension. SITRANS TS Insert opens a wide field for individual solutions.


  • Rugged – The TS inserts are designed on the basis of a mineral insulated cable (MIC)
  • Versatile – Variety of different sensors on offer, including RTDs and thermocouples
  • Versions with extended vibration resistance in scope

Additional Info



direct sensor signal
4…20 mA (TH100/TH200)
HART (TH300)
PA (TH400)
FF (TH400)

Max. operation temperature

Pt 100 Basic: –30…+400 °C
Pt 100 Extended: –196…+600 °C
Thermocouple –196…+1100 °C
(Depending on type of TC)

Ingress Protection

IP54-68, depend on the type of connection head

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