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Type BO High Performance Butterfly Valves


Type BO high performance butterfly valves for pressure swing adsorption plants

Metso Neles® BO series butterfly valve is designed for Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption plants (VPSA). It is a wafer type, soft seated, high performance, single eccentric disc valve. The valve provides maximal endurance in fast cycling. Additionally, it provides long lasting tight shut off with excellent flow characteristics and high capacity while maintaining the internal tightness even up to 2 million cycles.

  • 2 piece shaft design for high capacity
  • Hardened aluminum disc to reduce mass moment of inertia
  • Long lasting quadruple bearings to last up to 2 million cycles
  • Soft sealing bi-directional bubble tight construction
  • Cartridge bearing design for easy maintenance
  • Sizes up to NPS40 / DN1000
  • Encapsulate sealing element design ensures trouble free opening and closing
  • Switching time less than one second to guarantee the process efficiency
  • Quadruple bearings to ensure the maximum cycle life time and eliminates jamming

Additional Info

CL 150
MATERIALS : Ductile iron steel
TEMPERATURE RANGE : -10 …  +200 °C  / 14 … +392 °F
APPLICATIONS : Pressure swing adsorption plants for low pressure oxygen and nitrogen in up to 2 million cycles with opening and closing time < 1s

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