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Valmet OC / OCR


The Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC)

It is part of the Valmet portfolio of consistency transmitters that uses state of the art technology with a new design, offering reliable measurement at all times. The Valmet OC is suitable for many fiber consistency installations. The operating range is between 0 – 12% consistency, as majority of the applications are in the lower part of that range.

Additional Info

The Valmet OC‘s profiled coupling secures that the probe position will be correct without any special tools or measurement. Installation is simple and safe. Inserting and retracting the measurement probe is safe and easy, even at a high process pressure. Calibration is quick and easy, the Valmet OC can be calibrated with just one laboratory sample. However, in demanding applications, multipoint calibration is available as well with Valmet OCR and Valmet OC2R. No regular maintenance is needed – the entire transmitter-related cost stays low.

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