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Valmet WEM


The Valmet Wet End Analyzer

Valmet WEM can be equipped with a combination of up to four optional modules to measure charge, chemistry (pH, temperature, conductivity and redox), total/ash consistency and turbidity. Analyzing up to six separate sample points, each analyzer can be equipped with the measurement modules needed for a specific customer process.

Navigating the complex wet end world

As the number, complexity and interactions of chemicals used in the wet end increases, this modular, multiline analyzer shows the way to achieve optimal papermaking conditions. A stable wet end is essential and by stabilizing consistencies, ash content, charge and chemistry, Valmet WEM users benefit from proven improvements in quality, runnability and overall efficiency.

Additional Info


  • Fast response to process and grade changes
  • More process information with less laboratory work
  • Increased wet end stability
  • Better runnability and quality
  • Optimized chemical dosages based on true process response
  • The first step to automatic control of white water consistency and charge

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