Improved Solution with Reliable Requirements for Water Industry

A Seamless, Scalable, Reliable Solution 

To Improve the Productivity of your Water Process

With our experiences, we provide water & wastewater treatment that is sustainable with industry-proven valves to protect infrastructure from shutdown and safeguard the water plant process. The valves are designed to help our customers to be able to optimize water flow through pump control stations and assemblies requiring safety equipment. Each valve & instruments are designed to ensure purity, reduce clogging and improve the reliability of the process plant. We also provide end to end valve & instruments packages that wastewater & water disinfection, resist corrosion and with maintenance access. 

Our Offerings

We offer a comprehensive valve & instruments service to ensure that our technologies added value to your industry.


Valve: Chlorine Process Ball Valve, Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) Valve, Butterfly Valve, Knife Gate Valve ; Instrumentations: Signal Splitter, Draught Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Temperature Sensor, Temperature Transmitter, Sensor Thermowell, Controller, Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter


Process Automation, Process Functional Safety System, Migration Control System, Control Panel, SCADA Systems Monitoring


An end to end valve & instruments service package for Water Industry