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2-Wire Transmitter B12

Series B12 transmitters are loop-powered instruments that transmit a 4-20 mA signal linearly proportional to gas concentration. Operated from a 24 VDC power supply, the transmitter will drive loads up to 675 ohms, sufficient for most monitoring applications. Alternatively, the unit can operate at 12 VDC with reduced output load for applications requiring battery operation.
Transmitters are normally supplied with the sensor close coupled to the enclosure. However, for special applications, the unit can be supplied with separate sensors that can be located up to 25 feet from the transmitter. Sensor duct mounting adapters and sensor flowcells can also be provided for specific applications.

Additional Info

Series B12 Transmitters provide an alternative for 2-wire applications. This transmitter provides fewer features than the UniSens but at a lower cost. For OEM use or installations where advanced UniSens features are not required, TranSens is an economical alternative.

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