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IR-AH Series Infrared Thermometer


IR-AH series is CHINO’s long-selling portable type radiation thermometer. It is a handy type, yet high performance with focusable type, large distance factor and wide temperature range up to a high temperature.

  • In addition to a display on the back of the main unit, measurement value display is also displayed in a viewfinder, so measuring value can be seen while checking the target.
  • The model which has same measurement wavelength (0.65μm) as optical pyrometer uses large distance factor, so it can substitute conventional optical pyrometer.
  • It comes with measurement value memory for 1000 data.

Additional Info

Measuring range 


600°C to 3000°C (IR-AHS) 

900°C to 3000°C (IR-AHU) 

50°C to 1000°C (IR-AHT) 

Detecting element  Si, Thermopile 
Power Supply  4AA batteries 

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