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IRMA Moisture & Thickness


The IM series is an on-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness. Signal processing capabilities are built into the compact, Stand-Alone detector unit for easy installation and operation. A maximum of 99 calibration curves can be stored into the detector memory for numerous measurement applications. The detector can be used by itself or connected to a PC/plant control system, as both analog and digital outputs are provided. A remote setting display unit, connectable up to 9 detector units, can be used to set various detecting parameters and also displays measured values.

  • Converting capabilities are built into the compact designed detector unit for easy installation and operation 
  • Ethernet, MODBUS communications 
  • High-speed & High-repeatability  

Additional Info

Measuring system   Infrared reflection type 
Measuring wavelength  Up to 10 wavelengths 
Measuring scope  Up to 4 constituents 
Computing function  Ratio calculation for 2-color or 3-color and multiple regression calculation 
Calibration curve  Linear, quadratic, cubic, and multiple regression line 

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