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Knife Gate Valve WB

  • Stafsjö’s knife gate valves is a bi-directional and can therefore be installed into pipe systems independent of pressure direction.  
  • Full bore and excellent flow characteristics make them suitable for fluids, sludge and liquids with solids in suspensions such as water, sewage and bio mass.  
  • The valves are supplied with coated valve bodies in nodular iron semi lugged  
  • Today the WB range also features Stafsjö’s high strength top works up to DN 600 with stainless steel tie rods encapsulated inside structural beams together with stainless steel gate guards on remote operated valves.  
  • This new standard execution offers great corrosion resistance and a precise gate alignment independent of valve position.  
  • WB: semi lugged from DN 350 up to DN 1600  (12” to 64”) 

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