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SITRANS FC310 Mass Flow Meters


With the SITRANS FC310 digital Coriolis flowmeter, you can fit more meters into less space and reduce skid size without compromising performance. The FC310 features an all-in-one design for streamlined installation, easy integration into your control system and optimal cost efficiency since you only pay for what you really need.


  • Space-saving – compact sensor and built-in transmitter allow for more efficient skid and plant layout
  • Direct integration – into new or existing control systems with multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU RS485 communication protocol and fully configurable byte order to support all PLC types
  • Easy installation – with standard connections and streamlined wiring
  • All information at hand– Comprehensive removable memory functions (SensorFlash® microSD card)
    – Calibration certificates
    – Pressure and material test certificates (as ordered)
  • Hygienic – EHEDG-approved sensor in sizes DN 25-80; smooth surface for easy cleaning and minimal influence on flow
  • Dedicated performance – delivers true multiparameter measurements (e.g. mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature)
  • Global service network – for expert-level support whenever and wherever you need it

Additional Info

– Innovative and user-friendly transmitter, with audit trails, datalogger, trend curves, datalogger and advanced diagnostic functionalities
– Sizes from DN 15 to DN 150 with compact and remote mounted transmitter
– Transmitter with up to 4 I/O and communication. E.g. Profibus, Hart and sible Modbus RTU output
– Solid performance with mass flow accuracy 0.1% or 0.2% and density down to 2 kg/m³


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