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Valmet SP


Valmet Blade Consistency Transmitter

It is used for consistency measurement in the pulp and paper industry. Its operation is based on shear force measurement. The transmitter is installed directly to the stock pipelineWith over fifty years experience and more than 65,000 blade consistency transmitters installed, Valmet is the leading consistency solution supplier worldwide. The driving force has been and continues to be, obtaining better measurements and controls for improving the pulp and papermaking processes. A blade type transmitter for wide range of consistency applications.

Additional Info

Small details make the difference

  • Superior selection of blade types
  • 16 preset calibration curves
  • Long-term measurement stability
  • Excellent sensitivity and repeatability
  • Full advantages of HART, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus technologies online condition monitoring with Field care or AMS systems
  • High signal quality (low noise due to silicone oil damping)
  • Consistency selection tool available

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