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Valmet Total Solids Measurement – Valmet TS

Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) is a reliable and accurate microwave real time measurement used to control and optimize the solids treatment process, giving operators information on the total solids 24/7. Being the most reliable and accurate measurement for wastewater applications, Valmet TS allows savings in polymer dosing, energy, and transportation.

Measurement of solids in wastewater treatment has always been a questionable proposition. Limitations in measurement accuracy along with long term reliability has been a concern to plant operators and engineers.  Adding to this, one of the biggest challenges is the fact that solids treatment and disposal makes for over 30% of the wastewater treatment costs.

Valmet TS utilizes microwave technology to determine total organic and inorganic solids content in the range of 0-50%. With Valmet TS wastewater plants can achieve big savings with mass flow based controls, and further advance the environmental and public health benefits in the community. Controlling and developing the process can be enhanced through accurate and fast measurements, which improves the overall efficiency of a wastewater plant and provides crucial data for dewatering optimization.

Additional Info

  • Savings in polymer dosing
  • Energy savings in pumping
  • Reduced heating cost at the digester
  • Increased capacity with existing plant
  • Optimized biogas production
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Single point calibration
  • Long experience and know-how in microwave technology

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